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Because…Sometimes A Girl Needs A Good DIY Project {Glamour Shot of the Day}

Modess "Because" advertisement, c. 1950s; Image courtesy of MyVintageVogue.com via MJ Basala on Pinterest
Modess “Because” advertisement, 1950; Image courtesy of MyVintageVogue.com via MJ Basala on Pinterest


After the last Modess “Because” advertisement we looked at that had the model seemingly emerge for a woman’s “good china,” we now come upon a couple of models in designer gowns engaging in a DIY project.  Being married to an artist, I can attest to the fact that this is exactly how I look anytime I need to hang any of his sketches on a wall.

My question is this:  Are these two ladies like The Mister and me and scour all of the thrift shops and flea markets for frames?  It looks like half of them are empty and awaiting one of The Mister’s drawings.

Also, is the woman in the brown gown’s expression because she doesn’t like the other woman or is she making a statement on the drawing being hung?

So many, many questions that need to be answered when there is a DIY project involved!

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  1. My opinion: This is a picture within a picture. I think the picture on the wall shows women in a humble state as compared to the women in evening gowns. Perhaps the one in the brown gown in thinking, “They can’t keep us down — no, not any more — since now we have Modess. No more sitting at the hearth in my shawl for five days a month. I can go to the ball anytime!”

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