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“Most people are so busy knocking themselves out trying to do everything they think they should do, they never get around to what they want to do.” ~Unknown

As you know, I’ve had too much on my plate, lately, and haven’t had much time for my blogs.  As the items are being resolved and moved off the plate, my feelings of overwhelm are starting to diminish and I’ve been starting to feel human again.  This period of overwhelm has been very instructive for me as I remember the advice I have given to my coaching clients over the years (but I failed to put into practice for myself these past few months).

  1. During times of overwhelming busy-ness, it is imperative that we engage in extreme self-care.  If I had, I probably wouldn’t have been so cranky and grumpy most of the time and I would have been able to keep this season of busy-ness in perspective.
  2. Contrary to Dr. Einstein’s assertion, time is not relative.  There are only so many hours, minutes, and seconds in a day.  If you keep cramming more busy-ness into a day, something(s) has to give.
  3. Most of the time we are the ones doing the “shoulding” on ourselves.   I found myself saying “should” and “have to” quite a bit these past few months.  My Honey would remind me that I didn’t have to do anything…it was a choice I was making.
  4. Our culture seems to idolize extreme busy-ness.  It is like a competition to see who can be the busiest….while seeming to be perfectly coiffed and wearing a perfectly pressed Irish linen coordinating outfit (pearls optional).
  5. We really do give a lot of time to stuff that really doesn’t matter in the light of eternity.

I want to be known as an active homemaker, not a busy one.  Always being busy gives the connotation that I don’t have time for the people I love and doing those things that are important and bring joy to me.

What do you think?  Is there anything you’d add to the list?

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  1. Not sure if this is something to add to the list but I get annoyed hearing people say they’re busy.
    Not so much in the extreme cases where people need a sympathetic ear but when you know they would have a lot more time on their hands if they didn’t watch so much tv.
    I’ve kicked tv for the most part but now ‘waste’ a lot of time on the internet. I’d get a lot more done if I didn’t have a pc.

  2. That is so true – we’re all supposed to fill every second of time with constructive Things. Whenever I attempt to do this it drives me to want to procrastinate more, really.

    A non-excessive list of things to do each day helps a lot, though.

    I am glad you are back! 🙂

  3. Years ago an elderly friend (born 1910) gently chided me (then a young mother) for my “I have so much to do” comment. She said her father had told her when she was young that there’s time to do everything you truly want to do. Over the years I’ve wondered if that observation translates to the modern world. Much is available to us and we have options. I see so many things I truly want to do, but I think we have to choose wisely what we pursue.

    I have missed my “retro” fixes. I’m glad you’re back, too. (You are back, aren’t you?)

  4. Thanks for the welcome back! Let’s say I am back-ish. I still won’t be able to post almost every day but it shouldn’t be the long stretches of time like it has been recently.

  5. Hi Dr. Julie! Very true post. I am annoyed at and am also guilty of exessive business. I too was somewhat sucked into the DWTS drama. It is a mystery why we do things we know make us miserable. I don’t know why, and this is a big generalization, but I think many foreign women seem so much more calm to me, it is very refreshing.

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