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Drafting Skirt Pattern Sew-Along Lesson One: Tools (w/ Video)


Dear Friends,

Welcome to our “sew along” where you will learn how to draft a skirt pattern that fits you perfectly!

I created a video where I describe the tools you will need but I had to talk fast (at least fast for me), I thought I’d include pictures and a couple of my favorite resources.  If you are going to be in Los Angeles, you can pick up these supplies at stores like Michael Levine and International Design Supply (IDS) (the beginning design students at Pasadena City College, where I earned my custom clothing certificate are instructed to buy their supplies from these three stores).  If you need to order your supplies, IDS does mail order (I love these women…they bend over backwards to provide great customer service).  You can also find some items at Vogue Fabrics (look  under tailoring supplies).  I know there are other suppliers, so please share with everyone whe you bought your tools.




Dot or alpha-numeric pattern making paper
  • Muslin or plain 100% cotton (about 1 yard)
  • Hip curve–24″ long (popular brands: Fairgate or Lance)

    Junior or less curvy hip curve
Variform–Curvier figures
  • French curve (you may also find it at an office supply store)
  • 2″ x 18″ Clear Sewing Ruler –needs to have those 1/8″ increments on it (available at most sewing and quilting shops)
  • Awl
    Dritz’ version of an awl

    Design school version of awl
  • Black and red pens or pencils
  • Scotch tape
  • Stapler (with staples…you wouldn’t believe how many students bring a stapler but not staples…*sigh*)
  • Brown paper
  • Usual sewing supplies

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  1. OK, it’s a good thing that this will remain in BLOG archives (right?) as I’ve still way too much work to do to be able to take time to do some really serious study of this. Thus I must wait until I am able and I shall look forward to it.

  2. Yes, it will be in the archives (and the discussion forum, too)…but…here’s a little secret: The whole process of drafting a skirt pattern up to the point of the test fit only takes about an hour or so the first time you do it. It just seems like it would be complex. That’s why I chose it as our first pattern drafting sew along.

    What I’ve learned is creating a skirt pattern from scratch is sometimes faster than buying a commercial pattern and having to make adjustments! 🙂

  3. I am so glad you are doing this. I have a weird shape, which I am blaming completely on the menopause process, and ready to wear does not fit me at all. This will give me back my beloved skirts. Many thanks. Kathy

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