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Duct Tape Double

 I met my dress form in design school and named her Joan. Even though she is a “perfect size 8,” she doesn’t look like any size 8 person I know.  Even if I were size 8, using Joan for fitting my garments would be futile endeavor.  They would always look better on her.  I want them to look good on me.  This is where having a fitting double comes in handy.

A duct tape dress form stands in a room next to a brown door. An iron and ironing board are visible, and a colorful painting hangs on the wall, demonstrating your own DIY dress form project.

Over the years, I’ve made duct and paper tape doubles of myself (and even newspaper one time!).  The materials are fairly inexpensive and it takes just a few hours to make one.  Basically, you get a trusted friend or relative to wrap you up in tape.  You cut it up, stuff it, and you’re all set.  But!  If your taper isn’t careful and ends up smooshing things that shouldn’t be smooshed, all of the work will be for naught.

Here then are some written resources to help you out.  There are also A LOT of tutorials on YouTube for how to make one.  Just type “duct tape double” into the search box and you will get more than you ever dreamed possible.

Note: I prefer paper tape (regular paper mailing/packaging tape found at most office supply stores) but others prefer duct tape.  I think it is just a personal preference.

Written Information:

Clone Yourself A Fitting Assistant from Threads magazine  (I first read about this idea in Threads!).  Make sure to read ALL of the dress form articles that this article summarizes.

Duct Tape Double (Free Instructions) written by Leanna, who is featured in the Thread’s article.  Also check out her main duct tape double page that has lots of information in the Q & A section.

Michelle’s Duct Tape Double Class review on Pattern Review.  Michelle offers some great tips.

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  1. OK. I have been able to find a old mic stand and will be putting my body double (oh how those words scare me) together soon. I’ll send some pics so we can all have a good laugh. 😉

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