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Because…Flowers Are A Great Distraction {Glamour Shot of the Day}

Glamour Shot of the Day: Because Flowers Are A Great Distraction; Modess Ad, 1951; Image courtesy of MJ Basala on Pinterest
Modess Ad, 1952; Image courtesy of MJ Basala on Pinterest

Once again in our journey to become glamorous, we are reminded of how useful it is to carry flowers around museums in case we need to use them as a distraction.  Now we know that flowers are not just useful in distracting people as we wipe gum off of our shoes.  We can also carry them so that no one will be suspicious when we roll a tapestry up and hide it under the 50-yards of skirt we are wearing! 

Although, with museum security being what it is today, today’s tip may not be as useful as it once was…

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