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Mid-Century Christmas Decorating Ideas

Dear Friends,

Since I’m a child of the 1960s, my fondest childhood Christmas memories evoke images of mid-century decorations.  So it would make sense as I began perusing Flickr.com for vintage Christmas decorating ideas, images from that era would jump out at me.

Enjoy these decorating ideas!

I’m thinking this needs to be atop an aluminum tree with a rotating color wheel; Image courtesy of AtomicMidCentury on Flickr.com


You can’t go wrong with an aluminum tree that tells you that it has a “true taper!” Image courtesy of AtomicMidCentury on Flickr.com


Drum hospitality table (cardboard covered with felt and deocorated with drapery cording and tassles and seals; From The American Home, December 1962; Image courtesy of Sugarpie Honeybunch on Flickr.com


Popcorn garland
Real garland always looks so much nicer than the plastic faux greenery. I really like the popcorn garland swags; From The American Home, December 1962; Image courtesy of Sugarpie Honeybunch on Flickr.com

How would you describe your holiday decor?

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  1. You’re right, LOL. The first thing that came to mind with the first photo was Princess Leah! My mother hated those aluminum trees – we always had a real trea and when my folks got their “farm” we got the tree from our own property and then from the ones my dad grew there.
    I still want a natural tree – and not the “pruned to hell & back” ones that are sold mostly now. It takes me a long time to find one that looks similar to a real tree that might grow in the forest. We don’t get a permit & go out to cut one in the National Forest, so it is becoming more & more difficult to get one. Or house is decorated with things we’ve collected over the years, the tree sports ornaments made by my children when they were small, some made by my siblings, some made by me, some heirlooms, some not – extremely eclectic. There is no theme other than Christmas.

  2. I decorate with the things I’ve had since childhood (’50s) — or that were my mother’s. My collection includes Christmas ceramics. I don’t add a lot to it because I’m content with what I have. I definitely like a mid-century look, though the effect is changed by the lighting.

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