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My Name Is Julie-Ann and I’m a Perry Mason-aholic

Dear Friends,

As you may recall, our television is not connected to the outside world.  We only use it for watching movies or old television shows we get from Netflix or the library.  On occasion, if I want to watch a current TV show, such as Mad Men, I will watch it on my laptop.  We’ve been able to discover all sorts of great shows from the early days of television this way.  Recently, our viewing has consisted of Daniel Boone starring Fess Parker (although, I’ll admit, that I find Ed Ames much more interesting).

But, recently, I’ve had a craving.  I had gone cold turkey and had lasted for several months.  But then one night I sat down with my laptop and decided to watch an episode of “Perry Mason Returns.”  Although the writing and characterizations weren’t as well done as the original, I was lured back in.  I just finished adding the original Perry Mason series to my Netflix queue.  Again.  Please don’t tell The Mister.

You see, I’ve seen every episode of the original series as least 10-15 times.  The Mister gave me Season 1, Volume 1 for Christmas a few years ago and I’ve started watching those again, even though those DVD’s are well worn.  Most of the time I remember “who-did-it.”  So, why do I want to watch them (yet) again?

I’m addicted to the characters.  And the wardrobes.  And the set decoration.  And the dialogue and mannerisms that are no longer in common use.  I love that Della is a feminine career woman and isn’t afraid to use her charms to get information out of unsuspecting men. And she is always viewed as a class act and lady. I love that the stories revolve around issues that showcase the post-war boom and optimism of the day without sentimentalizing them.  Sure, the stories can get pretty convoluted at times (okay, most of the time) but that is the fun of Perry Mason.  The stories can be gritty but they are never cynical.

How about you?  Do you have an old TV show that you can’t help but watch over and over again?

Happy viewing!

Dr. Julie-Ann

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  1. oooh, I have never watched Perry Mason, but you’ve got me interested! I can’t think of an old show I have watched over and over, but I can watch Betty Davis movies, and Hitchock movies over and over. And more recently, my kids and I have been watching Monster’s Inc. almost every day – did you ever see it? I bet you would like it – I think it must be one of my favorite movies. When I was single and didn’t have cable, I used to watch “Diagnosis Murder” – It is was relaxing. It is funny to watch shows I thought were very grown up when I was a kid, like “Fantasy Island” and “Murder she Wrote” and realize how corney they are – I thought they were so sophisticated.

  2. It is so good that you are back! I’ve missed you!

    PMA (Perry Mason Anonymous) meetings here we come. I’m sentimental about Perry Mason because when I was young we didn’t have a tv set but Grandpa did. Perry Mason and Richard Diamond were both initially on Friday nights, and it became our family routine to watch those programs every Friday night at Grandpa’s. Now I can watch it weekdays at noon, and often I do if I’m home alone. I used to record them so that my husband and I could watch them together, but he kinda makes fun of it, and while I see what he means, I just don’t like that. It’s my trip into the past.

    Another thing I like about Perry Mason — it’s just a “whodunnit.” I can watch it without my sensibilities being assaulted.

  3. Hi Ann! — I had the same thought about the sophistication. Straight skirts and sweaters, French rolls, fancy restaurants — it all seemed so glamorous and sophisticated when I was young and playing with high-heel dolls. My kids still talk about how I raced to get them into bed by 8:00 on Sunday so that I could watch “Murder She Wrote” without their interference.

  4. Several years ago when we had cable TV, one of the stations showed Perry Mason every afternoon for a while and I really got into it! For any fans of the show who don’t subscribe to Netflix, you can watch some episodes of the show over at IMDB

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