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Order! Order in the House!

chaosdrawingI’m not saying that last week was a week from you know where, but there were demands and issues from different directions that caused last week to feel highly chaotic for me.  Now, I know some people claim to be energized by chaos.  I’m not one of them.  I thrive on order and routine.

I strongly believe that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.  But, I also believe it is reciprocal.  Creating a calm and tranquil outer world will also help create a peaceful inner world.  For example, getting rid of what we in the coaching world call “tolerations,” can go a long way in reducing frustration.  A “toleration” is anything that we know we need to take care of or fix but just haven’t gotten around to it and therefore tolerate it.  Until last Saturday, we had been tolerating a dresser drawer that was broken.  Finally, in a fit of frustration, I started to fix it and then My Honey helped me finish what turned out to be a fairly simple but two-person job.  It took us 5 minutes to repair the drawer but we had been dealing with the frustration of the broken drawer for over a year.  Fixing the drawer didn’t resolve the other issues that were making things chaotic last week, but the sense of accomplishment despite the chaos made the issues easier to handle.

This morning, as I was going through my morning routine listening to the desperately needed rain falling outside, I was once more grateful for the order and routine that I have built into my homekeeping and the soothing effect it has on me.  After all,  children aren’t the only ones who need order and routine in order to thrive.

Let’s celebrate.  What “tolerations” have you resolved recently?  Did your life change dramatically by resolving a toleration?

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  1. I have many “tolerations,” I assure you. Last week my husband and I cleaned and straightened the garage — such a good feeling to have accomplished that! And then we defrosted and inventoried the contents of our freezer. We have one of those “easy buttons” from Staples and when we tackle and resolve an issue, we hit the easy button. We use it for both easy and tough tasks. It’s silly — just something we do.

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