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Thursday Theatrics: Sewing Machine Magic

Have you ever wondered how the whole sewing machine process works? I have. I’ve seen animations of how it works, but it still has confused me. Well, now you can see the Nerds’ audition tape for Junkyard Wars. They build a giant sewing machine and explain how the stitch is made. It is pretty amazing!

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  1. That was sooo fascinating. I never thought how a sewing machine worked, but now I know. Their tension on the swatch was pretty good. I wonder what the zig-zag would have looked like?

  2. Wouldn’t the zig-zag basically be the same mechanical action? My thinking is that the only difference is where the needle goes through the fabric.

    Other thoughts?


  3. You’re are absolutely correct, it is the same mechanical action. I guess my mind was imagining the demonstration as zig-zag or other stitch all for entertainment sake. Not saying the video wasn’t entertaining it was and informational!!!

  4. Ohhhhh! NOW I’m with you! *laugh*

    Who knows what those crazy guys would do with a zig-zag!

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