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Vintage Christmas LPs for Your Holiday Party

I’ll admit it.  I love Christmas music and have been known to turn it on all year round.  But I’m particular to the music that can only be found on the old vinyl LPs.  For a true retro holiday party, consider playing these albums in the background.

Judy Garland, Tony Martin, and the King's Men sing traditional Christmas music; Image courtesy of Zellaby on Flickr.com


Three Suns Christmas Party
Three Suns Christmas Party on RCA Victor: Image courtesy of Krakencrafts on Flickr.com. Anyone else kind of creeped out by the looks of these guys?


Hi-Fi Christmas Party
Hi-Fi Christmas Party From 1958, Domenico Savino, His Orchestra And Chorus-Hi-Fi Christmas Party (RCA Camden CAS-392); Image courtesy of Ernie Haynes on Flickr.com; Mom seems a bit too excited about what she is seeing in that bag.


CHRISTMAS WITH PATTI PAGE; Image courtesy of Martin Prine on Flickr.com; Not to be outdone by Princess Leia's great-great-great-grandmother (yesterday), Patti Page not only shows off her tree but entertains you with her singing as well!


Gene Autry - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Gene Autry - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer; Image courtesy of Matthew Kirscht on Flickr.com; I don't want to speculate on what is going on with the reindeer flying through the legs thing. Some things are just better left unexplored.

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  1. Ever-present Christmas music is one of the great scruges of my life, but I do recall fondly how much Grandmother loved her Christmas albums.

    Andy Williams was a favorite. I think the other favorite was Engleburt Humperdink. Oh, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

    I miss her.

  2. I usually only listen to the radio in the car but had it set to “The Christmas Music Station” yesterday. After a couple of hours of having it on in the background, I turned it off. It was horrible! They have a rotation that seemed to emphasize about five songs with horrid commercials. *gah!*

    I went back to my more traditional listening formats 🙂

  3. I love Christmas music, but some is too pensive for me. I was shopping at an antique mall today and the tape they were playing seemed like ongoing sadness. I was glad to leave.

    I noticed “The King’s Men” on the first album you feature here. I love listening to them on the old “Fibber McGee and Molly” shows and am in the process of researching one of their Christmas songs. I don’t have any of the albums above, but I have some others — perhaps more ’60s than ’50s.

    Thanks for the memories.

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