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Wise Words of the Day: Courtesy

Courtesy is priceless yet costs nothing. ~ Unknown

"That'll Be $10.43."
National Cash Register Advertisement; Image courtesy of Salty Cotton on Flickr.com

We’ve all been there…bemoaning the lack of customer service in our modern world.

But, it is a two-way street.  Have you ever stopped to notice the lack of common courtesy geared toward those working behind the cash register?  Sure some cashiers need to upgrade their professionalism skills but, in my experience, most are working hard while having to deal with all sorts of people throughout the day.

Case in point: When I was buying groceries a few days ago, a woman in line in front of me was talking on her phone non-stop about what she had for lunch (I know because she was speaking loud enough for all to hear).  The cashier asked her a question about having a club card that was ignored.  The cashier continued with the order.  The woman got off the phone but snapped, “I heard you the first time!” at the cashier when she again asked the customer about the club card. The woman continued to be snarly with the cashier throughout the transaction.  The only thing I can figure is that she was seriously constipated because the cashier was certainly maintaining a pleasant composure despite this woman’s rudeness.

As modern retro women, let’s go against the trend of idealizing diva and b*tchy behavior.  Let’s bring courtesy back.  It won’t cost us a thing.

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  1. Again – HERE,HERE! 90% of the time a problem has nothing to do with the service provider, and neither can they help it if you are having a bad day. Too many times folks “take it out” on those around them for their own folly. And mayhap we can give the occasional crabby service providor a pass – they might have something very heavy on their mind that day, too.
    Myself, I rarely meet a surly one and mostly they readily acknowledge your pleasantness to them.
    And, hey! it’s much easier to be pleasant than to be a crab.

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